Buy Pork Bundle

Go hog wild with one of our bundle packs and enjoy farm to fork meats available at your convenience.

Hoggy Breakfast $40

1 pound thick sliced smoked bacon, 3 pounds breakfast sausage of your choice (maple links, loose sage or loose hot sage breakfast sausage) plus a dozen free-range chicken eggs


Hog Heaven BBQ $ 75

2 whole rib slabs, 2-3 lb roast, 4 pounds grillers of your choice (sweet Italian, chorizo, jalapeño, jalapeño cheese, cajun, or bratwurst)


Hog Wild $ 150

5 pounds thick sliced smoked bacon, 5 pounds thick sliced loin chops, 4 whole rib slab, 5 pounds  pounds sausage of your choice (maple links, loose breakfast sage, loose hot breakfast sage, sweet Italian grillers, chorizo grillers, jalapeño grillers, jalapeño cheese grillers, cajun grillers, bratwurst grillers) 

DSC_1309_Mod_80How do I place an order?

If you’d like to order meats please send an e-mail request to  We will get back to you promptly to arrange for pick up or delivery to Waldorf or La Plata drop locations.




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