Get Ready to Grill

It’s time to stock your freezer for summertime grilling!! We suggest our customers purchase in bulk. Keep in mind that a quarter hog will fit in any regular size refrigerator freezer and it will provide you with lots of pork to satisfy your summertime grilled cravings.

As always we raise our livestock from birth and provide them with an environment that suits their natural habitat to ensure we produce a product we can confidently say meets our standards. We suggest you see for yourself. Feel free to arrange a visit to get a behind the scenes looks at our operation.

We pride ourselves in feeding our family and yours the best there is to offer!

Whole Hog Half Hog Quarter Hog
$1450 $775 $400
240-245 lbs. total* 115-120 lbs. total* 57-60 lbs. total*
43 lbs. chops 21 lbs. chops 10.5 lbs. chops
7 lbs. spare Ribs 3.5 lbs. spare Ribs 1.75 lbs. spare Ribs
3.5 lbs. jowel bacon 2 lbs. Jowel bacon 1 lb. Jowel bacon
27 lbs. smoked bacon 13.5 lbs. smoked bacon 7 lbs. smoked bacon
86 lbs. sausage 43 lbs. sausage 21 lbs. sausage
11 lbs. picnic roast 5.5 lbs. picnic roast 2-3 lbs. ground Pork
56 lbs. fat, bone, Hocks 28 lbs. fat, bone, hocks 14 lbs. fat, bone, hocks
wor7 lbs. organs 3.5 lbs. organs 1.75 lbs. organs

*Weights are approximate

Pasture Raised animals from birth

Vacuum sealed and flash frozen for freshness

Sausage flavors included: Maple, Italian, Sage, Hot Sage, Chorizo

Jalapeno, & Jalapeno Cheese



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