Stocking Up

Did you know that a quarter hog will fit in any regular size refrigerator freezer and it will provide you with the security of knowing that you have what you need when you need it.

As always we raise our livestock from birth and provide them with an environment that suits their natural habitat to ensure we produce a product we can confidently say meets our standards. We suggest you see for yourself. Feel free to arrange a visit to get a behind the scenes looks at our operation.

We strive to feed our family and yours the best there is to offer!

BULK options

Whole hogs: $5.45/lb hang weight.

Example 317 lb hang weight X $5.45/lb =$1,727.65 cost

$1,727.64 /240 pounds of finished weight = $7.19 per pound

Half hogs: $5.75/lb hang weight.

Example 158.5 lb hang weight X $5.75/lb =$911.38

$911.38/ 120 pounds finished weight = $7.59 per pound

Quarter hogs: $6.10/lb hang weight.

Example 79.25 lb hang weight X $6.10/lb = $483.43 

$483.43/ 60 pounds finished weight =  $8.05 lb per pound

Finished weights will be approximately 25% less than hanging weight (depending on custom cut selections).

**Price includes vacuum sealed packaging, USDA processing, smoked bacon and loose sausage (packaging in links, or smoking additional items are extra).


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