Distinction, quality and value are what we strive for in our farm to table venture. We  are committed to raising happy, healthy animals in environments best suited for their needs. Our Katahdin sheep graze on rotating pasture and we grow and harvest our own hay to ensure the highest quality. Our Berkshire hogs forage in the woodlands of our farm where they are free to roam to dig for roots and nuts.

Once you taste our meats we are certain you will notice the difference from other store bought options. We value feeding our family and others with the best there is to offer. That means not including GMO grains in our pig feed, or preservatives such as nitrites, nitrates and MSG in our meats. We use a local meat processor that strives for excellence and offers some of the best sausage and bacon recipes around. We raise our animals in their natural habitat which reduces stress on the animal and gives them freedom to exercise. Lastly we have selected breeds that reflect our commitment to excellence. Our lambs come from Katahdin hair sheep. Many producers believe that the Katahdin flavor is milder than that of wool sheep. We personally have enjoyed the tenderness of lambs even up to a year old. Our Berkshire hogs are a heritage breed known for its distinctively rich, ruby red color and exquisite marbling, which produces a tender, juicy, depth of flavor.

We believe if you give our meats a try, you’ll discover the distinction, quality and value we are committed to providing. We not only are what we eat but we live where we work. This personal investment is what drives our commitment to maintain the highest standards in our farm to table endeavor.


Tiffany and Kirk Barber

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