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cropped-DSC_1030.jpgPurchasing a Whole Hog

Our heritage breed Berkshire hogs are raised in the woods where they naturally root and forage. They are supplemented with non-GMO grain from our local Amish grain mill and the finished product is tender and succulent. Once they have reached market weight we transport them to a USDA facility for processing. They are flash frozen and vacuum sealed for retail purchase. When ready we transport them back to our farm or to a central pick up location.

For wholesale purchase, hogs can be delivered fresh with a USDA stamp.

How do I place an order?

If you’d like to order a hog please send an e-mail request to or use our contact page and send us a note. We will get back to you promptly to let you know about availability.

Once hogs are ready for processing customers will be notified and given the opportunity to select cuts.

Meat must be picked up from the farm or from a central drop location on the day of pick up from the processor (unless other arrangements have been made).



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