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cropped-DSC_1030.jpgPurchasing a Whole Hog

Our heritage breed Berkshire hogs are raised in the woods where they naturally root and forage. They are supplemented with non-GMO grain from our local Amish grain mill and the finished product is tender and succulent. Once they have reached market weight we transport them to a USDA facility for processing. They are flash frozen and vacuum sealed for retail purchase. When ready we transport them back to our farm or to a central pick up location.

How do I place an order?

If you’d like to order a hog please send an e-mail request to or use our contact page and send us a note. We will get back to you promptly to arrange for pick up or delivery.

Whole Hog Half Hog Quarter Hog
$1450 (6.17/lb.) $775 (6.73/lb.) $400 (7.01/lb.)
235-240 lb total* 115-120 lb total* 57-60 lb total*
43 lb chops 21 lb chops 10.5 lb chops
7 lb spare Ribs 3.5 lb spare Ribs 1.75 lb spare Ribs
3.5 lb Jowel bacon 2 lb Jowel bacon 1 lb Jowel bacon
27 lb bacon 13.5 lb bacon 7 lb bacon
86 lb sausage 43 lb sausage 21 lb sausage
11 lb picnic roast 5.5 lb picnic roast 2-3 lb ground Pork
56 lb fat, bone, Hocks 28 lbs fat, bone, hocks 14 lb fat, bone, hocks
7 lb organs 3.5 lb organs 1.75 lb organs

*Weights are approximate

Sausage flavors included: maple, Italian, Chorizo, Sage, Hot sage, Jalapeño, & Jalapeño Cheese



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