Know Your Farmer

Kirk and Tiffany

Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food

Kirk was born with farming in his blood. He got his start helping his grandfather and later his dad. He learned to bale hay when he was only a boy. The tractor was his first car. His love of farming grew into much more when we transformed our acreage into a thriving sustainable farm. We started merely with the intention of feeding ourselves well, but decided to sell our products to others who share our value of feeding family with the best there is to offer

Each day as I wake to the sound of the rooster crowing and the sheep bleating, I delight not only my flocks and herds, but the increasing quality of our food and our lives. It has been our love for great food and all things family that when combined has driven us to bring the best not only from farm to our own table but from our farm to your table as well!




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